“Italian by real Italians”

Lea Hectors, student from Belgium

I liked the familiar atmosphere, the small school, small classes, and friendly sympathetic teachers – all which gave a personal approach.

The average age was not too young. I was afraid to be in a group of youngsters, but this wasn’t the case.

I also appreciated and liked the private tour in the museum. I had to skip the cooking class, since we already arranged to dine out.


“It was enriching, relaxing, and exceeded my expectations!”

Melissa Peil

They were tailored to my needs because I was the only one at the time of year I came – what a fabulous ‘gift.’ I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I was a more advanced speaker and appreciated the 1:1 attention. I would have loved to have an extra hour or so per day to practice. I forgot how many hours it was (2 maybe?) but it would’ve been more suitable to have 3 or 4 hours for me to have really gotten a great grasp.

I had Antonella who was fabulous. She was able to give me everything I needed, especially patience. 🙂

Location & Housing:
Right in the heart of Tropea – perfect!!! I loved being able to stay there too. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The only other thing I would have liked was cooking classes but it was not a big deal not having done so.

I LOVED my time in Tropea, and meeting everyone I did. Thank you, Nicola, for all you did to make me feel so included into your community of friends and all you did to enhance my experience.


“I found great hospitality, friendliness and professionalism in the mere search for information on courses and the teaching of Italian!”

Nicole Behlau

My personal experiences in school Studio Italian Tropea were short but very intense. On the one hand, I was merely looking for information on courses for Italian to combine a holiday stay in Tropea with a program of study, and to deepen my knowledge in Italian. On the other hand, I was also interested in finding a school to get an internship as part of my training at DITALS University for Foreigners of Siena to teach Italian to foreigners. I initiated contact with the school’s director by, Nicholas Giuditta, which was easy enough. After my request for a possible meeting in his school to inquire directly about the courses, I received an immediate reply with an invitation for an appointment at school. In April, I met the school and the director for an interview which was very informative.

During my stay at Tropea in August, I got the opportunity to return to this school and attend the lectures. There were two likeable teachers – Antonella and Michela. They had different classes, a kitchen where they carried out the cooking courses and a library with all their teaching materials. They welcomed their students in a very open and friendly manner, and devoted themselves with such passion and energy in teaching Italian.

All in all I can say I had a good impression of the school Studio Italian Tropea. Its central location in the heart of Tropea, its warm climate, the friendliness of the staff and their professionalism in contact with the participants, the internet advertising and the large supply about new themes and training seminars are aspects that make this school very interesting for those who want to combine study with holidays. In addition, the school also offers the opportunity to attend courses or sectoral courses for Examination for the Certificate PLIDA on language skills in Italian as a foreign language. As for Tropea, I can just say that it is a wonderful and charming place, which fascinates its visitors with its natural beauty of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and with the particularity of its historical center. I loved the friendliness of its people, its restaurants that prepare dishes from Calabria and also its infrastructure to the motorway, and the station and the port which make it a destination that is easily accessible.


“The perfect way to spend 2 weeks, both from a relaxing and learning point of view.”

Peter Svedberg

Everything was tops, from the first day to the last. I had a very nice, welcoming, and excellent teacher. I also had a warm and caring contact person in the school throughout my stay. The school was very well placed – just a short walk from the beach or the old city centre.


“I will return every year!”

Victoria Pitfield

I initially attended Studio Italiano last May for one week. I loved it so much. I then returned with friends in August and then with my parents this year.

On my initial trip, it was my first time travelling to Italy on my own and I was a little nervous. However, I was soon put at ease after I was met by Nicola, the Director of the school, from my train and taken directly to my little apartment. He ensured that I had everything I needed and that I was comfortable in my new surroundings. This treatment continued for the whole of my stay, and indeed every time I have returned, Nicola was always a helpful, welcoming and wonderful host.

I have now had lessons with both Antonella and Gemma, who are both lovely and very patient! Antonella in particular is very friendly and has greeted me each time I have returned with a huge smile and hug. My Italian has really improved over the past year and I am really pleased.

Tropea itself is absolutely beautiful. I am reasonably well travelled and I have to say it is now my favorite place! The beach and sea is gorgeous, but better still are the people who are so friendly and welcoming. It is an excellent place to go to learn Italian, as not everyone can speak English, so you have to challenge yourself!


“Worth it! Wonderful experience!”

Margareth Elide Genovez

I have really enjoyed learning about Tropea – its tradition and culture! I made friends with the teachers and the director, who were always friendly and willing to help their students. They were a good team and were especially prepared for teaching Italian to foreigners!

It would be of great pleasure for me to return to them I will make me great pleasure to return to them to review!


“An excellent language learning experience”

Keith Sharpe

What I really appreciated was the responsiveness to my own linguistic situation and needs.

I enjoyed the flexibility of the approach and the clarity of the explanations of Italian grammar and usage.

The quality of teaching was of a high order. Antonella provided a rich language learning experience. She is a gifted communicator.

I have not commented on housing or facilities because as a ‘neighbour’ from Zambrone, these did not apply to me.


“Friendly, informal and fun way to learn”

Debbie Shipton

I came to Tropea for a week after having spent 3 weeks at other language schools in Italy. I enjoyed the small class sizes and benefited from being around people with different levels of ability. Tropea is a small and vibrant location, and Nico and Antonella were very generous with their time, inviting us to social occasions as well as taking classes. I found this really useful to find out more about Italian culture and ways of life, as well as the language itself. I hope to come back again someday soon!


“I improved my Italian, made some wonderful friends and had a great vacation in one of the nicest little towns in Italy.”

Thomas DiLallo

I spent two weeks at Studio Italiano Tropea and I had a wonderful experience. My instructor, Antonella, was excellent and extremely helpful in arranging my course of study to my specific needs. She is a very experienced teacher who has the ability to explain new concepts and answer difficult questions in very simple terms.

Thanks to the efforts of Nicola, the school director, the social activities were wonderful. Going to cooking classes, sailing, stage plays and parties made my two weeks very enjoyable. Again, with the help of Nicola, I had a very nice apartment located perfectly for social activities and just minutes away from the school.

I have been to several language schools in Italy and Studio Italiano is one of the best. It is very easy to quickly become part of the community and take advantage of the town of Tropea with its beautiful beaches, resorts, restaurants and bars. If you have the opportunity to study in Italy, you will not be disappointed with Studio Italiano and all the wonderful people associated with the school.


“Very nice and good teachers. We learned a lot but we also had much fun!”

Martijn de Jong

We stayed for one week in Tropea. Somebody from Studio Italiano Tropea picked us up at the airport. For the whole group, we were sitting in nice apartments near the school, the old center and the beach. For the school, there where free seats at the beach. In the morning, we had lessons. In the afternoon, we went to the beach or had excursions. We had a personal contact with the director Niccola, and a perfect teacher – Antonella.