Calabria con Gusto

Calabria con Gusto

Culinary experiences in Calabria


Tutto Pasta...

You will prepare and taste homemade pasta.
If you want to make authentic Italian food at home, this is the number-one skill to learn. The highlight will be the dish you’ve cooked for yourself – two types of pasta that are guaranteed to be the most satisfying meal of your stay in Italy.

(late afternoon, ca. 2 h)




The secrets of "Cucina calabrese"

you will prepare and taste different classic regional and genuine dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. Cooking with locals who have grown up eating and cooking in this traditional style is the best way to learn the ancient recipes of Tropea and the nearby your own and bring it to your own kitchen at home.

(late afternoon, ca. 3 h)






Let's talk about food...

Join our italian language lesson about cooking with the target to understand an Italian recipe and
to learn the terms and expressions of the ingredients such as “un pizzico di sale” (a pinch of salt), “una spruzzata di limone” (a squeeze of lemon), the kitchen tools (pan, ladle, grater …) and activities (fry, strain pasta, etc).

(early afternoon, 55 min)





Food&Wine in the countryside...

Enjoy a walk through the gardens and olive groves with sea view and taste the fantastic regional wines directly in the vineyard, just a few minutes from Tropea

(afternoon, ca. 2h)







Behind the scenes

coming soon