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Tropea wins hands down and becomes “borgo dei borghi”

Tropea has won! This is fantastic news. Just a few months after the burning defeat from for the title of “Italian Capital of Culture 2022”, our city, the “Pearl of the Tyrrhenian”, gets back in the running, winning as “Borgo dei borghi”, a title awarded every year by Rai3 in relation to its television competition. […]

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Studio Italiano is a multipurpose platform that aims to offer education, recreational and logistical services to all those who love Italy, our culture and lifestyle.

What we offer

Italian Courses

Italian Courses





Smart Working

Smart workers

While retaining the nature of a language center, we have developed over the years increasingly varied skills in the field of welcoming and assisting foreigner visitors.

Not only therefore Italian courses, fun recreational and well-being activities in a holiday atmosphere for guests and students who choose to stay temporary during the summer, but also logistical and bureaucratic assistance for those who intend to live for a while in Calabria, with special attention to “smart workers” around the world.