Experiences and free time

Cooking Classes and ActivitiesEven if you come to Tropea to learn Italian, you will probably not want to pass all your time doing exercises and reading grammar books! It is possible to spend pleasant afternoons at the beach, at the countryside or on the hill, enriching your knowledge of Tropea and its surrounding areas.

If you want to organize your own free timeTropea and thw whole Region have a lot to offer, including the towns of Pizzo with its tasty gelaterie and the popular “Tartufo” ice cream, Serra San Bruno and its stunning “Certosa” monastery, Reggio Calabria and its fascinating National Archaeological museum (with the famous Bronzi di Riace) and many other possibilities. In Tropea there are also tennis and soccer courts, gyms. Then sail and diving agencies, located at the tourist port, are ready to show you our wonders, both the coasts and the seabed.

During the summer the cultural life in Tropea and in the area nearby is very varied: food festivals (“Tropea Cipolla party“, wine, cheese and salami fest), modern and classical concerts (“Tropea Blues Festival” and “Armonie della Magna Grecia“), theater (“Tropea teatro d’aMare“).

Calabria is a perfect mixture between landscape and culture, history and deep traditions. In fact, our Region is located in the extreme south of the Italian peninsula, surrounded by crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Sea, separated from Sicily only by the Strait of Messina.

The Mediterranean climate, the turquoise blue sea, the white beaches, the wild and mysterious mountains, the intense aromas and the authentic local cuisine, as well as the traces of its past make Calabria a unique place in the world, suitable for both tourists and temporary residents.

A perfect spot for all nature lovers, lovers of fragrances and ancient sites and for those seeking an original and genuine landscape, rich in history and local legends.

All our courses are supplemented by a program of excursions that allow participants to explore both the past and the present of the Region. The following activities and excursions are arranged direct by our cultural center and the participation is optional.

Cooking Class / Calabrian typical pasta, preparation of the magic dough

Cooking ClassesMani in Pasta (hands in the dough)! What we offer is not only a cooking class. While preparing the dishes we talk (even in Italian, why not), we laugh and we learn. Marianna, the Tropean chef, is the classic "yesteryear lady", a lovely housewife who keeps the secrets of traditional Calabrian cuisine. In each session that we offer, we will make some traditional fresh pasta. The typical pasta of Tropea (and not only) - 'fileja and maltagliati' or "orecchiette, "tagliatelle", "cavatelli" - will be seasoned for tasting with 2 other exclusive products of the area: the 'sweet' red onion of Tropea PGI (as a vegetarian option) and the “n'duja” of Spilinga PGI, famous spicy spreadable salami based of pork and Calabrian pepper or with a special chickpeas and sage recipe. Plus, Marianna prepares always a surprise as a special extra dish to taste all together. All this in a jovial and cheerful atmosphere and, naturally, all accompanied with some good Calabrian wine that we will taste at the time of the aperitif and for the whole duration of the activity. At the end limoncello or homemade chocolate liqueur for everyone. Prosit!

✅ Details:
N° Participants: from 2 up to 8 N° Participants: from 2 up to 8
Particular skills: none Particular skills: none
Duration: 2,5/3 hours Duration: 2,5/3 hours

Price From EUR 85,- per participant

Food and wine / Wine and food tasting in the vineyards

Food and wineWe will leave Tropea in the late afternoon and drive to Brattirò, a small village in the hills (10 minutes driving). Once at the small family run winery, we will meet Cosmo, the owner who will explain how the local and 100% organic wine is created in the various stages of the production process, from grapes pressing to bottling, with a commingling of modern and ancient methodologies and tools.

After we will arrive at the vineyards, begins the description about all the types of grapevine planted as well as about the biological and innovative methods used for cultivation. Once you have passed the numerous lines of plants, the official tasting with all kinds of wine produced (red, barricaded red, white and rosé) in a cozy rural chalet, all accompanied by authentic Calabrian food will start. Everybody talks and laugh to each other, in an international and friendly environment, surrounded of a unique unspoiled landscape with sea view and the Aeolian Islands in a breathtaking sunset.

✅ Details:
N° Participants: from 1 up to 15 N° Participants: from 1 up to 15
Particular skills: none Particular skills: none
Duration: 2,5 hours Duration: 2,5 hours

Price From EUR 40,- per participant

Cultural and naturalistic excursions / Zungri and the rock settlement

ZungriZungri, "la Città di Pietra" is situated 570 meters above sea level on the plateau of “Monte Poro”. The old village is one of the important agricultural centers of this area. The historical center represents a typical example of a peasant village. The Rock Settlement, also known as “Grotte” covers an area of about 3,000 square meters and studies on its origin are still in progress.

There are two accredited hypotheses: a colony founded by oriental populations, or a productive outpost deposit of the nearby “Kastron di Mesiano”. Built and modified over the time, the oldest traces of the site seem to date back to the 8th-12th century. It consists of dozens of rock units partly dug into the rock and partly built, for residential use, for the shelter of domestic animals, for the production of wine and lime, for the storage of grains. The Zungri Caves are immersed in a magical and fascinating natural environment.

✅ Details:
N° Participants: from 2 up to 15 N° Participants: from 2 up to 15
Particular skills Particular skills: bumpy path, not suitable for those with mobility problems
Duration: 2,5 hours Duration: 2,5 hours

Price From EUR 30,- per participant (including entrance ticket)

Cultural and naturalistic excursions / Church of Piedigrotta

Church of PiedigrottaThe small church of Piedigrotta is a place of Catholic worship, entirely excavated in the tufacee rocks, located not far from Pizzo city center, in the locality of "La Madonnella". Inside there are several sculptural groups that furnish it, also in tuff. The church is adjacent to the beach, and being exposed to the west, the afternoon visit is very impressive, when the sun's rays penetrate the depths of the caves, highlighting the colors of the mineral salts that cover the walls. Some define the visit to the church as a mystical experience.

✅ Details:
N° Participants: from 2 up to 10 N° Participants: from 2 up to 10
Particular skills Particular skills: none
Duration: 2,5 hours Duration: 2,5 hours

Price From EUR 25,- per participant (including entrance ticket)

Cultural and naturalistic excursions / From Monte Poro to Capo Vaticano

Monte Poro to Capo VaticanoOur hike takes us from “Monte Poro”, where most of the local cheeses are produced (Pecorino, Ricotta, Mozzarella…) down to Capo Vaticano. During the descend, we will have a breathtaking view of the area of Capo Vaticano, the Gulf of Gioia Tauro, the Aeolian Islands and sometimes also the volcano Aetna. Arriving at the belvedere we will relax with an aperitif in a typical bar and taste local specialties.

✅ Details:
N° Participants: from 2 up to 15 N° Participants: from 2 up to 15
Particular skills Particular skills: generally suitable for all those who are used to long walks
Duration: 2,5 hours Duration: 4 hour

Price From EUR 35,- per participant (including aperitif)