Tropea: The perfect destination for your Italian language course!

Tropea The perfect destination for your Italian language courseCalabria’s breathtaking coastline, rich history as well as a abundance of charming villages, fantastic genuine food and a very good value for money make it the perfect destination for your Italian language course.
It’s rare to find a destination in Italy not crowded of people queuing for hours to get a table in a restaurant, or being hounded by greedy restaurant owners trying to sell a overpriced pizza.
Choosing Tropea to learn Italian means to discover the “real” dolce vita in a region “off the beaten tracks” and you won’t regret!

Discovering local food and wine in the olive groves of the calabrian countryside, exploring the whole region and going for a swim in the crystal clear waters of the “Costa degli Dei”, visit the Aeolian Islands or enjoy a boat trip along the coast of Tropea and Capo Vaticano.

You see, Calabria is more than just the “toe of the Italian boot”!

You will have an unique and unforgettable experience!
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