Tropea wins hands down and becomes “borgo dei borghi”

Tropea has won! This is fantastic news. Just a few months after the burning defeat from for the title of “Italian Capital of Culture 2022”, our small town, the “Pearl of the Tyrrhenian”, gets back in the running, winning as “Borgo dei borghi”, a title awarded every year by Rai3 in relation to its television competition. A shining corner of the “Costa degli Dei”, with an irresistible and timeless charm, Tropea has always offered a 360 ° tourist offer, as rich as it is of crystal clear sea, art, culture, gastronomy and hospitality. Among the so-called “vinee”, the small alleys of the old town dotted with its churches, noble buildings and amazing portals, history and legend intertwine: it is said that it was Hercules who founded Tropea, returning from the famous Columns.

The cluster of buildings that overlook the sea, creates a natural terrace capable of offering breathtaking views, overlooking the Aeolian Islands, at all hours of the day and, in particular, at sunset. But the symbolic image of our town undoubtedly remains the evocative church of Santa Maria dell’Isola, reachable by an ancient staircase carved into the rock. The most popular beaches are that of the “Cannone”, the “Convento” and the “Rotonda” which, with its white sand, opens to a mirror of the sea with magnificent colors. The cave known as the “Palombaro” is a more unique than rare naturalistic gem.

Then exists also a Tropea rich in enviable artistic and cultural heritage, which ranges from the arts, to literature and philosophy (the philosopher Pasquale Galluppi, pioneer of the studies in Italy of European and above all Kantian philosophy, is one of its most famous sons). Finally, how not to mention the gastronomic and universally celebrated symbol of the city: the sweet red onion. Other tasty specialties that enrich and characterize the area are the “’nduja” from nearby Spilinga and pecorino from Monte Poro.

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