“Mens sana in corpore sano”, Latins used to say. Psychophysical well-being promotes the starting and maintenance of healthy mental states, including the ability to generate calm and self-confidence, the growth of self-knowledge, the development of concentration and altruistic feelings.

In fact, there are practices such as yoga and mindfulness that help to manage one’s inner life, to listen to the body, to use one’s psychic energy productively, to access the creative possibilities of the mind, developing self-awareness and self-control.

Instead of emphasizing the logic of doing, acting, having, awareness calls for respect and appreciation of the dimension of experience, of feeling, of being. Through an attitude of consistent acceptance of difficulties and tensions and through a position of trust in the human mind, the circulation of feelings of affection and understanding for oneself and for others is facilitated.

For this reason we have decided to combine to all the activities we offer, especially for those who decide to stay in the medium/long term, some wellness programs organized by Simone, an Austrian physiotherapist who has been collaborating with us for some years. Alongside traditional manual physiotherapy treatments, it is also possible to participate in:

– Individual and group physical maintenance training outdoors
– Yoga classes on the beach for all levels
– Awareness paths for all levels